Company Overview

PathFinder Group

Pathfinder Group Company OverviewPathFinder Group is a results-focused business consulting firm serving as advisor and advocate while helping family businesses successfully enter new markets. Our relationships and experience as problem-solvers help your family business reduce risk, simplify processes and increase your opportunities for success when working with state governments.

Enter New Markets

Our goal is to see your business succeed — and see your business become better for your success.

As someone responsible for the health of your business, its employees and stakeholders you understand the importance of growth. Expanding your business into new markets offers exciting opportunities but also requires proper management of the uncertainties of state & local laws, regulations and citizen concerns.

Reduce Risk

Our clients expand their businesses into new markets with less uncertainty, less risk and less pain. As a manager of risk we help businesses achieve a more predictable ROI when investing in their expansion and growth.

Our extensive relationships with administrators at state executive and legislative offices, our commitment to exemplary ethics, along with our creative approach to advocacy help our clients solve complex challenges. Clarity of focus on our clients’ goals and disciplined execution allow for cost-effective results.

Discover Success

With a clear path comes a clear advantage. By managing risks and helping resolve complex government-related challenges, our clients gain the freedom to do what they do best: realize opportunity and reach their goals for growth.

PathFinder Group’s team combines backgrounds in both the public and private sectors, from state legislative and executive branches to helming healthcare and technology firms. The PathFinder Group team are known as problem solvers who know government, know business and are focused on their clients’ success.

Meet the PathFinder Group team.