Business, Financial, and Data Services

Peter Drucker, Malcolm Baldridge and Jim Collins all understood the importance of process, and metrics linked to the management of efficiencies as part of the effort to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Knowledge and applied technology to operations as defined in these four areas of particular interest: 1) business process outsourcing (BPO) and shared services; 2) financial transactions processing; 3) data centers, disaster recovery and data management; and 4) health information technology and bioinformatics, represent exciting opportunities for service providers whose core competencies center around these skills.

Consider the need for fiscal agents to oversee the transfer of payments between service providers and Government as one simple example. Or consider how big data can address the threat of burgeoning unfunded pension liabilities and the reform which must come. These niches have exploded with opportunity and our business services can contribute to your firm’s success in your specific area of interest.

Business Services


  • Clarify client objectives
  • Develop tactical plan
  • Assure compliance with relevant rules
  • Manage the process
  • Secure contract

Regulatory Representation

  • Develop tactical plan
  • Obtain relevant license(s)
  • Provide industry specific guidance

Economic Development

  • Clarify client objectives
  • Advise on availability of economic incentives
  • Develop strategy for procuring economic incentives
  • Oversee implementation of tactical plan to obtain economic incentives linked to job creation and/or investment

Risk Management

  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Develop strategies to reduce risk
  • Oversight of implementation for risk management strategies

Strategic Planning

  • Help articulate your Vision
  • Reduce it to an actionable Mission
  • Provide a Strategy Map to get you from “now” to “then”
  • Create appropriate internal/external communication strategies
  • Construct a Balanced Scorecard with relevant metrics for managing the process

business services