Perhaps no industry is in as much flux as the healthcare industry. The Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Healthcare Exchanges, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO)…are all part of the new lexicon in our healthcare vocabulary. Wholesale changes at the Federal and State level are creating confusion as well as opportunity for those organizations able to sort through the uncertainty. PathFinder Group is offering services to support those firms in all healthcare related enterprises, focusing on risk and opportunity analysis with an understanding of the regulatory environment, legislative trends and the impact on economic development. The interpretation of Policy and an understanding of its implications will be critical for the survival of some firms.

Regulatory Representation

  • Develop tactical plan
  • Obtain relevant license(s)
  • Provide industry specific guidance

Economic Development

  • Clarify client objectives
  • Advise on availability of economic incentives
  • Develop strategy for procuring economic incentives
  • Oversee implementation of tactical plan to obtain economic incentives linked to job creation and/or investment

Legislative Representation

  • Issues related monitoring services
  • Position Advocacy for or against…

Strategic Planning

  • Clarify client objectives
  • Develop aligned tactical plans
  • Create appropriate internal/external communication strategy
  • Design and implement messaging campaign