If it is true that “No nation was every ruined by trade” (Benjamin Franklin) and that “Peace is a natural effect of trade” (Charles de Montesquieu) we might be well served to recognize the expanding opportunities in foreign trade and the inherent tangible and intangible benefits it brings. If you believe in free markets, as we do, who could deny there has never been a better time to advocate for global trade and in so doing, leverage the historical role the tri-state area has played on this stage in the northeast and that Florida has played to the south?

Florida’s domestic markets are significant in their own right but the Americas have a developing middle class creating an increasingly strong demand for products which Florida manufacturers are particularly well positioned to deliver. Creating jobs here, to meet the demand there, provides special economic development opportunities. Our world class infrastructure of ports and airports along with a logistics community well-schooled in exports provides for seamless distribution and can enhance your firm’s entry into new foreign markets.

We can assist you in becoming an advocate for global trade in the following ways:


  • Assess your Company’s export readiness
  • Identify, Rank & Select International Markets
  • Develop Best Market Penetration Strategies
  • Manage the process

Risk Management

  • Risk assessment and analysis
  • Develop strategies to reduce risk
  • Oversight of implementation for risk management strategies

Regulatory Representation

  • Develop tactical plan
  • Obtain relevant license(s)
  • Provide industry specific guidance

Economic Development

  • Clarify client objectives
  • Advise on availability of economic incentives
  • Develop strategy for procuring economic incentives
  • Oversee implementation of tactical plan to obtain economic incentives linked to job creation and/or investment

Strategic Planning

  • Help you articulate your Vision for trade
  • Reduce it to an actionable Mission
  • Provide a Strategy Map within the context of a Marketing Plan to successfully penetrate the market
  • Create appropriate internal/external communication strategies
  • Construct a Balanced Scorecard with relevant metrics to manage the process

advocate for global trade