Why a Disciplined Approach? Effectiveness requires it.

Many organizations believe they have “the way we do things around here” down pretty well. We’ve found though, that more often it is a case of resisting the discomfort that comes from challenging the status quo. Intellectually, they understand there is always room for improvement but it is just too hard to affect change and move the needle.   

This is why a disciplined approach is critical to the process.   

A free market will always seek to commoditize your offering over time shrinking future value, so a commitment to a process strategy and continuous improvement that wrings out unnecessary costs is a critical responsibility if your family business is to compete effectively and build that long term, sustainable value. 

PathFinder Group begins with understanding why it is you do what you do before we begin questioning the way you do it. Our process consulting service uses five steps that begins with identifying the problem and ends with documenting the validated results to create a repeatable process that allows for scalability.


Every family business should:

  • Know where processes are inefficient and where improvement is needed.

  • Implement process improvements thoughtfully reducing risk of business impacts.

  • Document new processes to minimize repeated errors and maximize scalability.

If your family owned business is not doing these things, you may be stacking up costs unnecessarily that erode your profits.

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