We help family businesses solve problems, drive profits and preserve their legacy.


Why Family Business Anyway?

Eighty-eight percent of all family businesses will fail by the third generation. Seventy percent will fail within the second generation. These startling statistics are true in spite of family businesses creating eighty-six percent of all new jobs in this country in the last decade.

What have you done to avoid becoming a statistic? What can you do? What should you do?

We can help answer these questions. Pathfinder Group works to improve these odds while driving increased profitability. We take a risk mitigation approach by helping you manage risk in the three critical areas of culture, strategy and process.

Culture as a Competitive Advantage


Strategy Map: Finding the Path


Vision or Pipedream? Planning is the Difference!


As leaders our vision of a future must be clear and credible if we expect to gain the trust and commitment of those we depend on to grow our businesses. Between sixty-seven percent and ninety-seven percent of plans fail though. Why? Many family businesses don't even have a plan. That’s a real problem! Let us show you how strategic mapping can help achieve your vision. 


Process Improvement As a Practice


Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

Efficiency and effectiveness, why is the difference critical? Doing the wrong thing very well is still doing the wrong thing. For processes to be efficient in any meaningful way they must be effective. Let us show you how a disciplined approach can get you there.


The Challenge of Leadership


Nurturing Current and Future Leadership

We are exposed daily to examples of failed leadership and its very serious consequences. Good leadership is transformative and it matters; in the board room, in the executive office and in an organization’s pipeline where sustainable business excellence and success are developed. Leadership is not about charisma. It is a set of learned skills that balance business knowledge with personal health to create professional and personal success.



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